I am starting this blog in order to share my views and understanding of the current issues effecting our country today.

I have noticed a lack of civil discussion on issues and policy on the major blogs. These blogs, i.e. Politico, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, ect. all seem to be sponsored by major corporations or wealthy individuals. They also seem to be over run with what I assume to be paid flamers with their canned talking points.

It is My intent that this blog be used for open and intelligent discussion of the issues without the drama. While I claim no particular expertise, I do seek to understand the issues and how they affect Myself, My family, and My fellow man. 

While I welcome everyone to share their prospective, I will not accept flaming, one line put downs ect. I am not and will not engage in censorship of intelligent opinions. I will delete flamers. This is after all My site and as of today funded solely by Myself.