Born in Temple Arizona; January 1954.

Served in the U.S. Army from January 1971 to December 1988.

Received a GED in 1971 and a High school Diploma from Kiserslautern American High School in 1974.

Received an Associates Degree in General Studies from Central Texas College in December 1988.

Received a BS in Business Administration/Accounting From Drury College in May 1994.

I have picked cotton, sacked onions, shined shoes, and worked for a carnival. I have worked a manager of several businesses as well.  This provides My prospective on issues along with long hours of study as it relates to issues.

Depending on how you choose to count I am the oldest from nine to twelve children.

I have been asked on more than one occasion why I never went into politics so here is the short answer.

I smoke, drink, cuss, and have been known to chase wild women. In other words I am not Jesus Christ.