Lessons not learned

Sense My last post I have been debating about the subject matter of My next blog post. I have been watching the news, researching the activities of the newly elected House and Senate, reviewing commission reports and court decisions.  During all of this I kept coming back to one thing, The events in Egypt.

Upon reflection and I guess this comes with old age. I saw parallels between what is now occurring in Egypt, and what occurred in Iran in the 1970’s, Eastern Europe in the 1980’s, France during the French Revolution, England and the signing of the Magna Carta, and Our own Revolution.

In every instance should one look the common thread to be found is that of the privileged are able to use government to their advantage at the expense of the under and unprivileged.

So are we looking at a second revolution in this country? While the TEA (Taxed Enough All ready) Party would like the country to believe that they are a “grass roots” organization examination will reveal that they are in fact members of the privileged or semi-privileged,and the Dick Army tax shifters.

Well let us take a look at the recent events in Egypt. In Egypt there is a distinct ruling class be it Military or Economic and the current government is at the beck and call of that ruling class. Here in the United States we have a similar ruling class. Our ruling class is primarily Economic.  When it became apparent that the Economic ruling class and the patrons of the GOP would suffer that is those like Hank Greenberg (20% Owner of AIG), Steve Forbes etc. would suffer all stops were pulled out to salvage their wealth at the expense of the American working class.

So back to the point should one  take time to notice Egypt has a 20% unemployment rate, upward mobility i.e. the movement from one economic class to another is limited and becoming increasingly more impossible as the privileged use the levers of government to protect their vested interests.

It maybe time for the paranoid right to once again start stocking their survival camps. This country now faces a 9% official unemployment rate while the real rate is closer to 19%. The push to approve more trade agreements without thought to the impact on the country as a whole including the jobs to be exported as a result is shear stupidity. Remember those who refuse to learn from the past or fail to recognize the event occurring around them are dumbed to repeat those past mistakes in the present. The short term political gains will come at the expense of this country.

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