Has the time come for a Constitutional convention?

Article V of the Constitution states “on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments” . Has the time come for the people to demand of their states through referendum or other appropriate method that a Constitutional convention be called? The Supreme Court has all but rendered the Fourth amendment mute, The court it’s self may have in resent years become all but corrupt and used it’s power to violate the Constitution and Appoint a President for it’s own Political ends. Several of the current Justices have cast doubt on the integrity of the Court (Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito).

The Senate last year held the country economic hostage, and now the house is in the process of doing the same and pursuing policies designed to take the country back to the days of soup kitchens and massive homelessness for the benefit of a few.

The GOP has pursued policies aimed at the very heart of our Republican form of government (guaranteed by the Constitution Article 4 section 4). Refusing to take action against one of their own for violating his oath of office by violating not only the laws of this country but the Constitutional Rights of it’s citizens and sanctioning such violations and in so doing violating their own oath of office. The GOP believe that they have a divine right to govern not for the benefit of the whole but the benefit of the few. Thomas Jefferson put it this way “The hereditary branches of modern government are the patrons of privilege and prerogative, and not of the natural rights of the people, whose oppressors they generally are.” The belief of the GOP that all people are equal it is just some are more equal than others is counter to a republican form of government. Thomas Jefferson warned us about the philosophy espoused by the GOP writing “the equality among our citizens [is] essential to the maintenance of republican government.”

In an earlier post I discussed the importance of language it is not by accident that the GOP call themselves “Republicans” by doing so they attempt to draw a link between themselves and the form of government outlined by the founding fathers of this country and expanded on in documents such as the Federalist Papers while taking every opportunity to undermine that very form of government. The “TEA Party” are using this same tactic to link their pursuit of privilege and prerogative for the top 3% of this country to the Tea Party of Boston harbor. The GOP has spent 40 years building a network of the privileged continually repeating the same lies and misinformation over and over again proving that if you repeat a lie often enough people will begin to believe it. This is not to say that the “Democrat Party” are without their faults because they have been co conspirators with the GOP in undermining our “republican form” of government and aided in the granting of amnesty to those who would violate their oath of office and undermine the constitution and the freedoms it guarantees.

The founding fathers realized that all rights belong to the individual and that governments can only be created by individual through the consent of the individual and surrender of those rights only to the extent necessary for the benefit of all not the benefit of the few.

So is it time for a constitutional convention that will spell out in no uncertain terms sanctions for the violation of those rights. The one deficiency or one of the major deficiencies of the Constitution as it stands is there are no specific sanctions for the violation of the Constitution and the rights it protects. Thus a Corrupt “Conservative” Supreme court has carved out so many¬†exceptions to the Fourth Amendment¬† as to render it mute. If a police office cannot find a Supreme Court exception to the Fourth Amendment to justify any search under any circumstance then he is so ignorant as to be unqualified to be a police office. The new Conservative Majority on the Court having rendered the Fourth Amendment mute have started the process of rendering the Fifth Amendment mute. The Court under “Conservative” control has surrendered it’s power as an equal branch of government to the executive branch and appointed a President in order to preserve it’s “conservative” majority and thus nothing more than an extension of the GOP.

For the reasons stated above among others it is time to call for a Constitutional Convention in order to save our “Republican” form of government. To do other wise will be to take this country down a road worse than that of 1941 Germany they had the mercy at least to euthanize those they considered a drain on society (the mentally ill, disabled, poor elderly, etc.) The GOP seek to simply cast them aside and let them starve, die of exposure, die due to lack of health care or simply just die.

The time has come to end this and end the privilege and prerogative of the “hereditary branches of modern government”.

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