Which Republican?

With the primary season coming to a close it appears that the American public will have to choose between two Republicans for president, this is despite the best efforts of progressives within the Democrat party.

So just who are these two Republicans? Well the one running under the Republican brand is Donald Trump and despite his many failings may actually stand a chance of winning. While I have not completely explored the electoral map it appears that he may even have a chance of winning what has been the solidly Democrat state of Pennsylvania. The reason the Republicans may actually win Pennsylvania is because the Democrat party is about to nominate Hillary Clinton who despite claims of being a Democrat is in fact a Republican, be it a lite version of the Republican party similar to lets say lite beer. The question is which of these two versions of Republican will prevail.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters have taken every opportunity to ridicule and demean progressives within the Democrat party proclaiming that, progressives within the Democrat party have no other choose but to vote for Republican lite as the full flavored version is just to repugnant.

The problem is that many progressives within the Democrat party find both flavors of Republican equally distasteful and may choose to simply sit out the  election of if they must vote Republican, vote for the full flavored version rather than reward the lite Republicans with in the Democrat party once again. Every election cycle progressives are told that they must vote for and return to office the lite Republican in order to gain control or maintain control of one or both bodies of congress, and each time those progressives see their hopes of progress flushed down the drain in the name of incrementalism, they are to wait for the Republican wing of the Democrat party to allow progress so as not to upset the apple cart just as the slaves had to wait 100 plus years to gain their freedom.

One would think that after 36 years of Republicans setting the agenda some progress would have been made. Eight years ago the progressives took a back seat and elected what was the first Black President (although that is a lie as well as he was only half Black and besides they labeled Bill Clinton the first Black President) with the hope of progressive progress what we got in return was a President who miss placed his manhood and governed like any other Republican.

So what should progressives do? First reject both of the Republicans that will appear at the top of the ticket. Hillary Clinton the Republican lite candidate and her supporters have declared that they do not require the support of progressives in particular white progressives in order to secure the white house so let her and her supporters prove it. That is the first step progressives should take. The second step progressives should take is to vote for progressives that may be down ballot if there are none again reject the Republican lite candidate even if they have a D behind their name. Third progressives need to start looking toward the mid-terms and taking back the Democrat party from the Republicans that have hijacked it.

So how do progressives take back the party? The first step is to place progressives on the ballot for positions on the Democrat committe for each voting subdivision i.e. Ward or presence although the timing for being placed on the ballot may very in different states and party rules may be slightly different those positions are for the most part elected positions. If you see the position without a listed candidate in your ward write one in even if it is yourself, remember for most of these positions there are two open positions one male and one female. In some instances it may take a single vote to get elected. The Republicans in the party will have staked out a few of these positions usually the ones they believe will let them seek higher positions within the party and political office. So we have the capacity to out number them as they will ignore the bulk of party positions and once we have the majority of positions at the city and county level we can dictate the state party level.

Third we need to put a candidate on the ballot for every office regardless of how gerrymandered a district or county may be, we have to stop allowing the Republicans to run unopposed. It is time for progressives to use Tea Party Tactics and take back control of our party or start a true third party. The only reason third parties fail is that they are not on the ballot in all 50 states although a progressive party with a candidate that is on the ballot in every state may not win the Presidency the first or second time out, we will change the electoral math and thus the dynamic by placing progressives in down ballot offices.

Of course there is the option of getting Senator Sanders on the Ballot in all 50 states either as an independent or the candidate of one of the minor parties recognized in any particular state. To the best of my knowledge there is no requirement that a candidate appear on the ballot for the same party or as an independent in all 50 states thus Sanders could appear as the candidate of 50 minor parties provided they did not have another candidate on the ballot.

Just remember this Hillary Clinton and her supporters have told progressives and the supporters of Senator Sanders to Fuck off and die you are no longer relevant to the new Democrat(Republican Lite) party and if you are a white progressive that goes double for you. Well Hillary I will not Fuck Off and Die.

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