So much for transparency

The house rules committee on the 19th of January held a hearing on HR 38. To reduce spending through a transition to non-security spending at fiscal year 2008 levels. this bill can be found at  this peace of legislation is to be voted on January 25Th. Reading the bill there are no numbers involved no definition of what constitutes non-security spending or for that matter what constitutes security spending. At the beginning of this session of congress Speaker Boehner promised transparency in all committee actions and the opportunity of not only the members of congress to study and read the legislation but the public. To this writer transparency not only includes the legislation it’s self but the hearings and testimony given in the hearings. While video is nice video is of little use to those who can not hear or need the written words to insure correct understanding of what is being said. In an effort to insure that I would not miss quote any member of who participated in the hearings on HR 38 I attempted to gain access to a written transcript of the hearing. I contacted the office of the Rules Committee trying to locate an online transcript and was told that one was not available and one would not be made available. I was further told that said transcript although made was the property of congressman Dreier and would not be forth coming. So much for transparency I guess transparency for the hearing impaired is not a priority in the GOP zeal to push through press releases. I then contacted the speakers office and asked about their promise of transparency and the public’s ability to read and study legislation at least 72 hours prior to any vote. The speakers office gave this writer the same old GOP two step.

During My review of the video Congressman Sessions made a statement in relation to the legislation that I found interesting stating first that the Republicans were interested in where was the beef and that the beef was to be found in HR 38 despite the absents of any number or even a definition of what constituents non-security spending. What I found of particular interest Was this remark from Representative Sessions ” I could not tell you what that is but somebody knows it is recent history”. I contacted Representative Sessions office and attempted to verify the accuracy of that statement and his press person could not verify or would not verify the statement. For those interested in watching the video it can be found here . The bottom line is that after speaking with congressman Dreiers office and Speaker Boehner office the promise of transparency and bipartisanship promised by the new majority is nothing more than another fraud being perpetrated on the American people in pesuit of what Thomas Jefferson “The hereditary branches of modern government” The GOP as represented by Speaker Boenher, Rep. Dreier, Rep. Ryan, Rep. Sessions, Rep. Dent and the whole of the Body of the GOP are that hereditary branch of modern goverment. The exact quate from Thomas Jefferson is this and represents the very essance of the modern GOP ” The herditary branches of modern goverments are the patrons of privilege and prerogative, and not of the natural rights of the people, whose oppressors they generally are.”

Speaker Boenher and his minions Dreier, Sessions, and Ryan have thus far demonstrated that they intend to govern in the most dictitorial manner available to them and for the benifit not of the majority but for the patrons of privilege and perogative.

The promised TRANSPARENCY is a lie.

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