Past Revisited

With the new year and the new congress I thought it would be a good time to revisit the past, in order to gain some insight as to what you can expect from a reinvigorated Republican party.

If you recall back on January 6, 2011 after the Republicans gained control of the House I predicted that the Republican would repeal the Affordable Care Act with no replacement for the legislation. Although they were not able to accomplish repeal they voted some 300 times to do just that. Now they have taken on a new tactic and that is to chip away at the ACA by granting exemption to select group one by one pitting one group against the other. That is the reason behind the “Hire More Heroes Act” the Republicans claim this is to but more Veterans back to work but will does nothing to actually put Veterans to work or back to work.

In 2011 I also told you that Republicans would attack the unemployed and last year they ended long term unemployment depressing wages claiming it was good for the unemployed because they are lazy and refuse to work never mind that there are four unemployed for every job. The Republicans also claimed that extending unemployment would cost to much. The cost of extending unemployment would have been $9.9 billion over 5 years and would have reduced the deficit by $9.4 billion but that was just to much for the Republicans instead the economy lost and estimated $1 billion per week in economic activity or $52 billion a year. That is some trade off spend $1.98 billion or lose $52 billion but it gave the Republicans an argument to use against the President.

Although the $9.9 Billion for unemployment which would have gone to low income unemployed people was to expensive they had no problem adding $42 billion for the 2014 tax extenders package for corporations and the top 1%. This was $42 Billion that went straight to the deficit that Republicans and the Tea Party are screaming about.

Also in 2011 I told you that the Republicans were attacking the disabled, elderly, and children   and the Republicans continue their assault with the disabled being their first target. House Republicans have made conscious effort to force a reduction in the benefits of the disabled out of some notion that $800 to $1000 a month is keeping people from working. The only thing keeping people from working is Republican policies that depress wages and confiscate a large portion of that so the 1% do not have to pay a fair share.

I could go on but I will simply suggest that you go back and read the early post on this site. As the statements made in 2011 hold true today although some of the player have changed the Republican propaganda network , voter suppression, and a Democrat party that rolled over for the Republicans under the guidance of Ms. Wasserman-Shultz handed both the House and the Senate over to the Republicans.

Hold on everyone it is going to be a long destructive two years and hopefully at the end of the destruction something can be rebuilt if not this country will no longer be a republic but a plutocracy ruled by the like of the Koch Brothers, Jamie Diamond, and Multi- National Corporations with rampant starvation and homelessness that will make the depression look like a picnic.

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