Elections have consequences

It has been stated more than once that elections have consequences and this is true. After the elections of 2008 the GOP choose to ignore the results and took the position of a child that has the only ball on the block and insisted that the winners of the election play by the rules as outlined by the owner of the ball or they would take their ball and go home, and go home they did. For the last two years the GOP has refused to participate in the discussion on every issue from health care reform, tax reform, to economic recovery. The GOP believe that they have a divine right to set the rules and terms of discussion regardless to the election results. This our way or the highway tactic worked for the GOP and they have gained control of the house of representatives and now are intent on pursuing the same our way or the highway tactic while claiming that they want participation from the Democrats. The GOP knows that they have sufficient numbers to block and will block any proposal from the Democrats leaving them two options one of which is to play by the same rules that the GOP used for the last two years and block everything in the senate through the use of the filibuster or take the GOP on directly. I would propose that the Democrats honor the results of the election and give the GOP exactly what they want.

The Democrats should put forth a bill immediately that gives them everything they have been asking for over the years. Line one of the bill should read. 1. The Social Security Act is hereby Repealed in it’s entirety and all surpluses in the Social Security trust fund having been transferred to the top one percent of the country though tax reductions and replaced with worthless bond said bond are hereby canceled. We will continue to collect the social security taxes on wages in order to fund other priorities in this bill.

2. Interest income will no longer be taxable income.

3. Dividends Will no longer be taxable income.

4. Gains on financial assets commonly referred to as “Capital Gains” will no longer be taxable income.

5. The federal minimum wage is hereby repealed.

6. The Environmental Protection Agency is hereby dissolved and all regulations are hereby repealed.

7. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is hereby dissolved and all regulations are hereby repealed.

8. The labor relations board is hereby dissolved and all regulations are hereby repealed to include the 40 hour work week i.e. the requirement to pay overtime at 1.50% of the hourly rate.

9. Medical malpractice or incompetence is not a tortoise act and claims can no longer be take to  the courts, arbitration or in any manner what so ever.

10. Believing that all suits are junk law suits manufactures can no longer be held liable for defects in there products regardless of loss of life, limb, or damages of any type what so ever.

11. Wages will be taxed at a rate of 50% and a national sales tax on all necessities of 25% will be imposed in order to pay for the functions of government. Items subject to the new sales/consumption tax will be but not limited to food, rental housing, gas, telephone service, television services, medical care, dental care, breathing of air, etc. The following items will be excluded from the sales/consumption tax. Yachts valued at $1 million dollars and above, Homes valued at $1 million dollars and above, fur coats, fine jewelry, luxury automobiles etc.

Now for an appropriate name for the bill lets call it ” The Wealth Restoration Act.” After all elections do have consequences and the GOP should get all that they want and these items have been on their agenda for years. This Wealth Restoration Act should after all create jobs and stimulate economic activity. It will improve the quality of live for those at the top of the economic latter and relieve them of the majority of their tax burden if not all of their tax burden and place those taxes were they truly belong on the ungrateful leaching worker. After all the American worker is lazy and incompetent and nothing more than another resource such as steel, coal etc. and deserving of nothing more that the table scraps that the GOP will allow them.

The GOP longs for the good old days the days were factory owners could close down in order to fource workers back to work, were mine owners owned the the store were you bought your groceries the house you lived in and you were given just enough work to keep you in debt to the company. The days when the police would beat worker demanding decent working conditions, the days when companies could pollute the drinking water, soil, etc. Am I the only one who remembers that Icon of corporate responsibility called love canal these are the day to which the Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, and the GOP wish to return America.

So I say give them what they want. After all they won the election.

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