Time to change the dynamic

Ok the 2014 elections are over and the Republican/Corporate Mafia has retained control of the peoples house and taken control of the Senate. The new cartel did not waste any time handing out benefits to their corporate masters and elite rent seekers aid by corporate Democrats like Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon), Senator Bob Casey (Pennsylvania), Michael Bennet (Colorado) to name just three.

Well now not next year is the time to start changing the dynamic that allows corporations and the top 1% to control our government not only at the Federal level but also at the State and local level. The party system is broken and keeps these elitist in power at the expense of the rest of us.

So how do we change this dynamic? Here is my idea and I realize it may require refinement but does have the advantage of at least placing the parties and the political elite on notice that the status quo is no longer acceptable. The first step in this process is to open offices in areas covering two to three interconnected communities for example here were I live you have Emmaus, Allentown, Wescosville and several other small communities that all encompass the Allentown area. There needs to be at least one office in the area if not two or three that remain open year round not just every two years with the purpose of coalition building, monitoring elections (there are elections/ballot measures in every community approx. every six months) and getting coalition members and supporters to the polls for every election or ballot measure. These offices will also have the responsibility in cooperation with other offices of analyzing and informing members about legislation moving threw local, county, and state government and it’s impact on the community at large. These Local governments along with State and Federal government have been responsive to the demands of the “Job Creators” or the Business community while totally ignoring the workers or labor community. These governments provide tax dollars extracted from labor to provide economic rents to the Business community for the promise of jobs that never materialize.

We need to stop the financing of job stealing. This giving away of tax dollars or tax advantages to steal a company headquarters or a factory from another state does nothing to increase the economic pie as the elites like to call it, it does not increase our human capital (that is the skills and education of our workers and children) and only marginally increases our capital stock if it increases it at all. This job stealing comes at a cost that is detrimental to our local communities, our states, and the United States as a whole in the long run. These giveaways have to be paid for and are paid for by either increasing taxes the majority of which are paid for by the workers/labor, increases in fees such as drives license fees, court filing fees etc. or sales taxes on specific products the bulk of which are consumed by those at the lower end of the economic scale. These products include such thing as cigarettes and beer while those products consumed by those at the higher end of the economic scale escape tax increases i.e. wine and cigars etc. The costs are also paid for by decreases in services to the community and impacts those without the means to escape the adverse impacts of these services cuts and by services I am talking about such things as education of our children, aid to the elderly and disabled the list goes on. We pay all of these cost for a promise that for the most part never materializes.

We have an opportunity to change the dynamic but to make this change requires long term strategic planning and long term action. This can only be done by the formation of a coalition of center left, center right, and independents while I believe the center right will choose not to participate the center left and independents can effect this change. As a foot note I would like someone to explain to me how right came to mean good and left to mean bad. I believe it has a number line reference with positive numbers on the right side and negative numbers on the left side. These types of mental references are also things we need to over come as they form a frame of reference. There are other things I believe that this coalition need to do to effect positive change at the community level that will change the current dynamic and thus help to build a constituency for the policy changes that will be required to move the country forward.

I invite those individuals and organizations interested in further discussion to contact me. I would hope that it will be more than just the elites of some organizations. I am looking to flesh this out and start the change of the current course that the Republican has started that will cost the 99% more than they are aware of aided by people the believe are on their side like Senator Bob Casey here in Pennsylvania, Senator Ron Wyden in Oregon, Senator Harry Reid in Nevada, Charles Schumer of New York, Senator Patty Murray of Washington among others who have sold the American people out to the Republicans, Corporations, and the One percent and will continue to do so in the coming two years. Senator Ron Wyden has already embraced a tax plan by Senator Orin Hatch of Utah that will increase taxes on the bottom 50% of the country while reducing taxes on the top one percent of the country not only in the form of rate reduction but continuing and expanding loopholes that will allow the one percent to pay taxes at Mitt Romney rates of 5 and six percent and insuring that corporation pay no taxes at all. Remember the devil is in the details.

It is time to change the dynamic before the Republicans complete the destruction of the republic and corporations and the moneyed elites have complete control of every level of government from your local school board to the Whitehouse.

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