You can’t win if you don’t compete.

It is all over the news how the Democrats do not expect to take back control of the house. Well part of the reason is that the Democrats are not competing in every district. The entire house is up for reelection and provides an opportunity for those in any given congressional district to put forward a better alternative to the incumbent.

The problem is that in to many districts the other party cedes the election to the other party and third parties choose only to come out in presidential election years and expect to win. You can not win if you do not compete. You can not win if you are unwilling to take the time to build a team and build a constituency.

In every state and in every political subdivision there is an election approximately every six months and there is no such thing as an unimportant election. Voters fail to realize that every election is important and the local elections may have a greater impact on their daily lives than who the president is or which party is in control of the house or senate. Ferguson Missouri is a prime example. The black majority population of Ferguson have come forward with a litany of complaints and abuses with the shooting of Michael Brown complaining that they are not represented on the city council, county government, on and on but ware were they when these people were elected to office? The simple fact is they allowed a minority of the population to select those who would make the laws, hire the police, impose taxes, impose fines etc. It is not that they were powerless as they contend it was simply that the choose not to compete or engage.

Only when we the people engage/compete in the market place of ideas not once every two or four year but on a daily bases can we break the strangle hold that the Plutocrats have on this country. The “Plutocrats” can spend millions or even billions of dollars in an attempt to protect their privileges but they will still fail against a fully engaged population that is educating each other about issues and the impacts of policies that have been implemented by the paid servants of the “Plutocrats”.

There is this belief that a third or even a fourth party can win elections, This is just plain BS while there are obstacles to the ballot those obstacles can be eliminated by a dedicated cadre of constituents willing to engage their peers on a daily bases and educate them on issues and solicit possible solutions. This engagement can not be done only every two or four years but must be done daily.

The bottom line is you can not and will not win if you refuse to compete. That is why I am so disappointed that people like Charlie “The cockroach” Dent are going unchallenged in the upcoming congressional elections this November. The Democrats are right they will not take back control of the House, not because of gerrymandering or low turn out but because they have chosen to cede the election to the Republicans in congressional district such as the one in which I reside.

Every election even if it is for dog catcher must be a competition no election should be a give me if our republic is to survive.

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