Supremes Take Up The War on Women

The five male Catholic justices on the Supreme Court have taken up the GOP war on women. In their lust to impose a Catholic patracal society upon the country they deprived millions of women of the basic Constitutional right to control their own bodies and shifted the cost of birth control for the employees of two millionaire  families on to the tax paying public under the guise of religious freedom.

In their Hobby Lobby decision the Court through open the door for an exemption to any law that someone does not want to follow with the possible exception of murder and I’m not even sure that murder will come under a religious exemption with this current Court as this decision will surely cause the death of at least one woman and possibly hundreds in their quest to impose compelled birth upon this country. As I have pointed out before compelled birth is not the same as prolife, the “prolife” movement is about compelled birth and not about life at all, once birth has occurred the “pro-lifers” are more than willing to let that child die, they are more than willing to let that birth kill the mother, condemn a mother and child of any hope.

With this decision the Court has imposed a tax upon ever citizen in the country which the last time I looked at the Constitution was beyond the scope of their authority. This leave little doubt in my mind that the Court has become a corrupt institution starting with the appointment of Justice Thomas who at the time of his appointment was under an ethical cloud and who’s ethics have become a question ever sense. With his filing false discloses required by law, the actions of his wife etc. bring into question every decision he pens, but I am getting off point and that point is that under the guise of the First Amendment this Court has declared that it is open season on women not only within the GOP but with the Court it’s self. This Court has openly declared that a few zealots can harass, intimidate, and assault women who seek to exercise their Constitutional rights under the guise of free speech and employers can deprive millions women of basic service for which the do not want to pay by simply claiming the have a religious or moral objection to that service.

I would hope that the readers of this blog would take the time to read this latest piece of garbage that has come from this now openly corrupt institution, as they seek to impose Catholic theology upon the entire nation.

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