There are Liers, Dam Liers, and the GOP.

I have yet to meet a member of the GOP commonly referred to as “Republicans” who can open his/her mouth without telling a lie. Today Representative Dreier of California is in the lead in breaking the very rules that the new GOP majority put into place just this week.

The new rules state “Three-Day Availability for Unreported Bills. clause to rule XXIX establishing a point of order against consideration of a bill or joint resolution that has not been available for three calendar days. This provision mirrors existing layover rules prohibiting consideration of bills reported by a committee or conference reports. ” Today debate was started on H. R. 26 the text of which is not on line. This rule has not been made available to the public on line for the three days stated in the new rules.

The current health care reform was 50 years in the making and if repealed will be another 50 years in replacement. Congressman Dreir refers to H. R. 9 as the replacement for the current law or directing committees to come up with replacement. So what does H.R. 9 state? The text of the bill can be found here

Reading the bill it provides instruction to the committees to develop proposals, proposals are not legislation. It does not direct a time frame for the completion of the the tasks assigned. There is no replacement there is only more debate. What the GOP is now seeking is a return to the prior condition.


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