Repeal no Replace.

The Republican controlled congress is scheduled to vote on the repeal of the new health care law on Wednesday of next week after taking a five day weekend (must be nice to only work three days a week). The vehicle for this is H.R. 2 The repeal portion is there what is absent is the replace part.

While watching the proceedings in the rules committee of the house I decided to call My congressman Rep. Charles Dent (R-Pa) and ask him where the replace part of the Republican Pledge to (on ) America on page 6 of this “Pledge” the Republicans state “a plan to repeal and replace the government takeover of health care” in H.R. 2 I see repeal but no replace.  When I called congressman Dent a asked about the replace portion of the pledge what I got was the same old Republican two step. For those who do not know what the two step is it is a dance. The response was that replacement was a top priority at some unspecified date with some unspecified reforms and that repeal will never become law. In other words I was told that H.R. 2 is nothing but a fraud being perpetrated on the American people.

What will the Republicans do to replace the Health Care bill should the be successful? To answer this lets take a look at what was done during the Reagan Administration. In order to cut the budget and finance tax reductions for the top 1% then President Reagan closed down mental health facilities releasing a number of mentally ill people from institutions with the promise that local clinics would be established and facilities established to provide medication and counseling. The reduction in expenditures were achieved and the tax reductions were passed but the clinics and the necessary supporting infrastructure was never budgeted or established increasing the homeless population in the United States.

The current health care law although far from perfect was at least 50 years in the making, What makes congressman Dent or the Republican Majority think that should they be successful in their endeavor to repeal health care that replacement legislation would take any less than another 50 years? What would be the impact on the American public should they be successful? There would be an immediate return of denial of coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, immediate return of the donut hole in the prescription drug plan, immediate increase in the number of uninsured. While demanding the birth of children the Republicans and Charles Dent are pursuing a pro death agenda for the poor and middle class. For evidence of that statement one only has to look to the Republican policies in Arizona and Texas.

While decrying health care controled by goverment they have no problem in fact demand that health care be controled not by the consumer but by business and health insurance companies that have a vested intrest not in the well being of the public in general but those with a profit intrest in the companies.

The Republican agenda is Repeal with no replace.

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