GOP war on women is expanding.

The GOP continues to expand their war on women’s health care, income mobility, an quality of life. Under the guise of being pro-life they have and continue to systematically attack women and the exercise of their fundamental Constitutional rights.

In their zeal to end abortion the far right has passed laws designed to attack  one single organization, Planned Parent Hood. So lets assume for just one moment that the GOP can eliminate Planned Parent Hood, then what? What will be the next organization that they will attack? Assume that they can make it impossible for a woman to exercise her Constitutional right to get an abortion, What will be the next Constitutional right they will attack? What will be the next organization they will attempt to legislate out of existence in order to transform this country into a Theocracy or worse a fascist state?

While the Theocracies may be able to end abortion and suppress the Constitutional Right of women to obtain one there will be ramifications to their actions that go far beyond forcing a woman to carry a fetus to term.

This country has been going through a discussion on the cost of health care and the GOP for the last two years has put forth a budget cutting or eliminating programs not only for women that cannot afford health care but for the very children that they insist must be born. The current Ryan budget further seeks to reduce or eliminate programs to provide food and shelter to the very same women and children. We must recognize that when we compel a birth we then must assume as a nation the responsibility for ensuring the survival of that child and providing that same child with every opportunity that would be provided to say a Romney. As i pointed out in a previous post being Pro-birth is not the same as being Pro-life.

While I am not an advocate of abortion I would suggest to My readers it is necessary to look beyond the theological arguments and at the economic impact that the policies being implemented will have on the nation as a whole as well as the individuals that must bear the impact of the imposed theological values of others being imposed upon them. Make no mistake this entire argument is about imposing the religious values and theocracy of a select minority on others. Even should one assume that it is a majority they are seeking to impose their values upon those who do not share them or hold them on the same level. It is time to stop this attempt to turn America in to a theocracy and support or Constitution or face the coming revolution.

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