Charlie “the cockroach” Dent tells constituents to go pound sand agian.

Once again Charlie ” the cockroach” Dent (Terrorist Pa-15) tells his constituents to go pound sand. This so called representative of the people continues to tell those that are not members of the “business” community that their concerns do not matter and their concerns will not be heard.

Charlie “the cockroach” has refused to address the constituents he purports to serve to this day. While meeting with the most egregious polluters in his district, the state and the nation. To this “representative” it is as simple as mind over matter. He does not mind what burden and cost he inflicts upon the public and his constituents at large because in his mind they do not matter. In the mind of Charlie “the cockroach” it is a fair trade off to increase the cost of health care for the majority of his constituents by $10.00 in order to save a business $.01 any increase in the cost of business is unjustified in the mind of Charlie while and increase in the cost to consumers and the public is to be ignored and considered minor no matter how high.

According to Charlie “the cockroach” any cost benefit analysis is a one sided equation and that is the cost and benefit to business. I hate to tell Charlie but in mathematics there are two sides to any equation not just one. HR 10 which is the granddaddy of all freedom to pollute act as well as the most anti consumer act to date and supported by Charlie “the cockroach” and comes at a cost to the majority of his “constituents”. Charlie “the cockroach” has refused to disclose to this writer and “constituent who he consulted or what research was provided to him in arriving at his conclusion that he was in fact acting in the best interest of those who he took an oath to represent. I again point to the fact that Charlie “the cockroach” has not made himself available in an open forum to his constituents at large the entire year. I will concede that Charlie “the cockroach” has had a few telephonic town halls with pre-screened questions and comments which insured that the only voices heard were those in support of his terrorism. It is time for this terrorist and traitor to the country to be removed from office.

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