To what end?

Today the new Republican majority in the house of representatives will read the Constitution on the house floor. While reading the Constitution is a worth while endeavor to do so in a vacuum and without context is meaning less. So this raise the question what is it that the new majority is trying to accomplish?

In the last couple of months it has been reported that most college freshmen entering college could not pass a basic civics exam and that the majority of graduating college seniors score even lower on the same basic civics exam. This makes Me wonder how many of the 435 members of the house could pass the same civics exam? I would suggest that a better use of time for the new majority would be to see if there members could pass a simple test of Constitutional knowledge, I suspect they could not.

In order to understand the Constitution one must start with the Declaration of Independence and move to the Articles of Confederation, then finally to the Constitution. One must also read each article and clause in the Constitution in relation to it’s corresponding article in the federalist papers and the congressional record as to the intent of congress and the people in each amendment.

I suspect that this reading of the Constitution is simply to consume time and provide cover for what will be a two day work week for the house. The house should start earning their money and put in a five day work week like the rest of America.

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