Now that the Occupy Wall Street movement has morphed into a nation/world wide occupation movement the political elites are starting to push back. This push back is starting to resemble the the police provoked confrontations of the 1930’s against the Union Movement where the elites who controlled the political forces and thus the police forces attempted to break the union movement by attacking organizers and instigating violence. This also resembles the tactics used by Douglas MacArthur in 1932 in the expulsion of the “Bonus Army” protesters. These same tactics were again being utilized by the elites in the 1960’s against the protesters of the Vietnam war and the Civil Rights movement.

The goal of the elites at this point is to provoke violence and use this violence as justification to attack demonstrators and discredit the demonstrators. If not the first example of this tactic of provoking violence, Then at least the most reported example happened in Oakland Ca. were the police not only attempted to silence the Occupy movement in Oakland but attacked to that point peaceful movement members extracting the desired defensive result which was immediately characterized as violence by the police and used to justify their use of force.

Perhaps the failure of the Occupy movement at this point is that they did not and it appears will not take a lesson from the Tea Party sham and arm themselves. The Tea Party openly carried and displayed loaded weapons at each of their assemblies and thus telling polices to go ahead and attempt to silence them. Should the police attempted to provoke the Tea Party in a manner similar to the way they are provoking the Occupy participants their would have been an armed response from the Tea Party. The simple fact is the fact that these participants were armed keep the police at bay.

While I do not and will not advocate violence, I will state that we as a people have only those right which we can and will defend. The elites, The political and Economic terrorists who control not only the money but the police and military apparatus of this country see the Occupy movement as a threat to their way of life and control over the masses of this country and are willing to use every weapon at their disposal not only to discredit the movement but to also silence and kill the movement.

The Political terrorists have it in their power to correct many of the problems confronting the country today but refuse to do so as they serve not those who they represent but only a select few elites.

With the primary and election season perhaps it is time for the Occupy movement to take an example from the “Tea Party” and challenge the politicos not only in every primary of both parties. To register voters and where photo ID’s have now become a requirement to find a way to finance the acquisition of those ID’s for those who can not afford there cost or the loss in wages to obtain them. But perhaps it is time for the Occupy movement to arm themselves in the same manner as the “Tea Party”.

The time has come to put the power back in the hands of the people and rest control from the hands of the elites. While there are some problems for which there will never be a complete solution there is no reason that those problems should be exacerbated in order to extract even more of the nations wealth for the benefit of a few.

It is time to put the Economic Terrorists (Currently represented by the GOP and Democrats such as Max Baucus) on notice that their rule of terror is ending.

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