GOP Economic Terrorism to Continue

Sence Congress left town I have been spending My time researching the writings and comments of the GOP terroist attempting to gleen what is comming.

It has become appearant that these terrorist are about to mount a direct attack on and attempt to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Food Stamp program. In fact every discussion that terrorist such as Rep. Paul “Empreror” Ryan (Terroist Wi) that does not provide for wealth transfer to the top .01% of the country is fair game and should be dismantled in order to provide a tax rate of zero to thoses few that make up that top .01%.

Now I’m sure that I will recieve some push back on this zero rate on the top .01% statement. I will only point to the statements made today by Rick Santorom former Senator and terrorist from Pa. today on Fox New Sunday. I will also point to statements made by the terrorist canidate for President Hermin Cain both of which have adovacted for a zero tax rate on the top .01% in one form or another. These proposals to transfer even more of the nations wealth to the top and deprive the nation of revenue comes at the same time these same terrorist are telling the nation that Social Security must be eliminated, Medicare must be eliminated, Medicaid must be eliminated, as well as food stamps or any other program that benifits the middle class and the poor.

Just prior to going into hiding for the month of August Orin Hatch (Terrorist Ut) on the floor of the Senate stated that the poor of this country were not paying enough in taxes. So it appears the the Terroist plan is to transfer wealth from the poor, middle class, old, and disabled to the top by through the elimination of any requirement that those at the top provide any revenue to the country and that the total burden be placed on those who have the least in this country. It is the terrorist policy that we must increase poverty and fource the premature death of the old, disabled, and poor in order to eliminate the debt. We as a country according to the terrorist can not afford to repay the money stolen from the wage earner and transfered to the leasure class and must transfer even more to those in the leasure class.

These terrorist having driven the country to the edge of default and caused a down grade of the countries credit rating have gone into virtual hiding. Terroist such as Rep. Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent who has so far failed to hold a single town hall meeting or Rep. Paul “Emperor” Ryan who has spoken only to paid audiances have insured that the only voices they hear are those who will benifit from their plans to increase poverty in this country and the transfers of wealth to the top at the expense of those who actually work in this country.

The sad part of all of this is that our President has become a terrorist bitch. Our President has done nothing but roll over and submit to these terrorist. So I will say this once again those who do not support these terrorist and do not believe that submission is the answer need to seek a primary chalanger to our current President. Further we the people need to start taking back control of our country from these terrorist. This must be done through direct chalange to the terrorists and their colabarators such as Max Baucus (colabarator Mt).


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