For the author of a new blog not to post for several days is not necessarily a good thing. So I will explain My absents.

As stated on My home page this blog is a solo effort at this point and funded from My own resources. This means that I have a job which demands a number of My available hours. Second I am still learning My way around My selected blogging platform and researching it’s operation in hopes of improving it’s appearance and I am also researching articles and papers for content. As I have no staff I must do My own research and reading, something I encourage all to do.

Subject matter that I have been reading and analyzing include the new rule changes in the house which may or may not become the subject of a latter post. I have also been reading the deficit reduction commission report that came out last month. The Republican road-map for America, The Republican pledge on America. This reading takes time to sort out the rhetoric from the substance.

I will ask the readers of this blog to submit subjects they would like to see discussed and categories that they would like to see discussed. All I can say at this point is look for changes in this blog not only in appearance but content as the site matures.

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