It appears that Republicans do not understand cash flow

As we get closer to August 2 and the threat of a new Republican inspired depression it appears the Republicans lack a fundamental understanding of cash flow. For a group that purports to be grounded in the business community and claims an understanding of family finances this lack of understanding raises serious question about the Republican party in general.

Republicans claim all they need to do is prioritise, well what are the Republican priorities? Their priorities are a statement of their values and moral charterer. While I have long maintained that people like John “It’s My Party” Boehner and Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent are devoid of any values or morality they have started to reveal how they would prioritize things while they create a depression the likes of which has never been seen in this country or the world.

Their first priortity is to pay people like Steve Forbes, the Koch brothers, and Donald Trump their tax free income. In order to do this the Treasury must conserve cash which will mean that our Soldiers will not be paid on the first of the month when they are suppose to be paid. Now we have asked these soldiers to place their lives on the line fighting our wars and now we will not pay them! or at least not pay them on time. I hate to tell those in congress the landlords of these soldiers do not care or even want to hear that they will have to wait for their rent. The electric company does not want to hear I didn’t get paid. I could go on and on. The same goes for Veterans, Military Retires, and people on Social Security.

So while John “It’s My Party” Boehner and Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent and numerous others in the House and Senate are patting themselves on the back for their blackmail tactics and are driving this country towards a depression, they will be wrecking havoc on the lives, credit ratings, and may even be the direct cause of death of soldiers, the old, and the disabled. Should a single person die as a result of their actions they should be placed on trial for murder.

The Republicans believe that just because the check will be issued at some point in time, everything will be alright. This shows that Republicans do not understand cash flows and the fact that many live from check to check be it a VA disability check, a Military pay check, or a Social Security check. But everything is alright with the likes of John “It’s My Party” Boehner and his well to do cohorts after all the “Rent Seekers” will get their interest and principal and the soldiers, poor, and disabled will just have to wait. The problem is those that the soldiers and their families have to pay, those the old, and disabled have to pay will not wait. Those who are waiting can not take the promise of a check sometime in the future to the grocery store, the electric company, or the doctor for that matter.

It’s time for the Republicans to stop playing games and do what they should have done in the beginning and vote for a clean increase in the Republican created debt ceiling. Yes I said it the Debt was a Republican creation. The Republicans did this in 1939 and again in 1941. The Republicans are now changing the rules under which this country operates for simple political advantage or what they believe will be political advantage. Republicans in the House are also ignoring the fact that they voted for a budget which would require a 5 trillion dollar increase in the Debt Ceiling, again demonstrating that Republicans are not and never have been honest brokers in any thing they do.

Enough is Enough stop this drive twoard depression.

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