Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent (R-Pa) is at it again.

It appears that Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent (R-Pa) is up to his old games again. With the House set to vote on HR 2560  Cockroach” refuses to tell his constituents or at least this one what his intuitions are related to this Unconstitutional piece of crap is or even if he has taken the time to read the piece of crap. First HR 2560 makes demands on the other body or places requirements on the other body i.e. The Senate which it has no authority to do and is in direct violation of the Constitution. Second it binds future Congresses or attempt to bind Future Congresses again something that they cannot do. As I questioned Charlie “The Cockroach’s” Staff member it appears like Charlie, His staff could not pass a simple Civics exam. Of course this is no surprise to the writer, Having meet the Cockroach in person and discussed another Constitutional issue with him. It appears that Charlie believes some pledge to King Norquest preempts his Constitutional Oath of Office and the will of if not the majority of his constituents at least close to a majority of his constituents. None of which is Grover Norquest. Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent has repeatedly showen that he does not understand his duties under the Constitution but also that he holds the Document in complete contempt. But the again most Republicans do, thus their repeated calls for Amendments to validate their agenda. Here are just a few of the Constitutional Amendments put fourth by the Republicans during My life time. 1. Amendment to ban Flag Burning, 2.Amendment to outlaw abortion 3.Amendment defining marriage (By the way the Defense of Marriage Act is in direct violation of Artcle IV Section 1. Also know as the Full Faith and Credit Clause). Charlie “The Cockroach” knows that he does not have a leg to stand on yet continues not only to support and advance the violation of individual Constitutional Rights but seeks to impose his disdain for the Constitution upon not only his constituents but the country by seeking it’s modification to conform with his views. This is not the shape of a “Republican”(Not to be confused with the party) form of government envisioned by the founders of this country but is the view of the elitist/corporate form of government that views citizens as just another means of production to be discarded when no longer useful. It is time for Charlie “The Cockroach” to resign or be run out of town on a rail after being tared and feathered. This person is not only the lowest form of life on the planet but he makes Hitler look reasonable by comparison. And as Paul Harvey (I know that is a name some may not recognize but not the less a good person to quote) would say “That is the rest of the story”.

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