Republicans seek total destruction

The Republicans in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate seek complete and total destruction of the middle class and poor of this country on behalf of the “Rent-Seekers” (for an explanation of rent seeking go here although I have My problems with wikipedia it is a good basic explanation of rent seeking) and it looks like our ball less President is about to completely and totally capitulate.

Now as I remember it when the Republicans took charge of the White House this country had not only achieved a balanced budget but in fact had surplus budgets and was reducing the debt held by the public which is the only debt that matters at this point.  “Then Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, testified before the Senate Budget Committee.  Suddenly, his greatest concern, the ‘emerging key fiscal policy need,’ he told Congress, was to avert the threat that the federal government might actually pay off” “its debt.  To avoid this awful outcome, he advocated tax cuts.” Allen Greenspan was not only appointed by a Republican but served as head of the Federal Reserve for 18 years. Now when George H. W. Bush was President paying off the debt was a bad thing and required tax cuts which went to the “Rent-Seekers” that is those with wealth and add zero value to the economy i.e. those who brought this country to it’s knees and created this situation. Now those very people that is John “It’s My Party” Boehner, Jim “I want a Constitutional Amendment” Demint, Mitch “I want a default” McConnell and Senator Orrin “Tax the Poor” Hatch all created this situation and now say they will do nothing to fix the problem unless we completely destroy the middle class and poor of this country. The Republicans say the only way we can move forward as a country is if we not only continue to reward the very “Rent Seekers” responsible for the situation but we need to provide them with more “Rent”.

These Republicans who to an Oath to support, protect, and defend the Constitution now consider a pledge made to Grover Norquest to be superior to that Oath. The only thing the Republicans have brought to the table is an ultimatum. That ultimatum is if you do not allow the complete and total destruction of the middle class and poor for the benifit of the “Rent Seekers” we will bankrupt this country. I outlined the Republican aginda in an earlier post “What to expect in 2011” The Republicans have preformed just as expected and the rest is coming. I am just wondering if the Republicans will stop short of the putting the poor and disabled to death as a burden on socity or will they just be content with letting them no fourcing them to starve to death or die do to lack of medical care?

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