Kiss your check goodbye

If you are on Social Security, get a VA disiablity check, are a soldier on the battle field, a goverment contracter etc. If you get a goverment check of any type except intrest payments (That is you Steve Forbes and your cohorts), you can kiss your checks goodbye.

The speaker of the house Jon “It’s My Party” Boehner has stated that the Republicans will not raise the debt ceiling (A Republican implemented device) but will pay interest and debt. The only way that will be possible will be to not pay Social Security benefits, Medicare bills, Medicaid bills, VA disability payments, Military paychecks (I saw this twice under Republicans when I was in the Army), in essence all government checks will stop except those to bond holders.

The Republicans want and will create another depression in this country. The pro-life party is showing that they are not pro-life but pro-birth and death. Quality of life is not important to the Republicans birth is after birth you can die and they could care less. I say let them have what they want and default. There will never be another Republican elected to any office in this country not even dog catcher. The Koch brothers will have to move to Argentina you know the country that hid Nazis for years. Perhaps we will get lucky and the will take Steve Forbes with them.

Enough is enough the debt ceiling was created by the Republicans and can be removed at any time by congress. If they insist on continuing this fraud so be it and let the Republicans bear the consequences.

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