Today while watching Morning Joke a.k.a. Morning Joe I found Myself asking again, Why am I watching and giving any credibility to this gaggle of elites? Take for example Mika, what gives her any credibility at all? Other than being the daughter of a former Secretary of state and the access MSNBC gains to her father what gives her credibility? Similar questions could be asked about every member of the cast of characters on the Morning Joke show.

So now your asking yourself what does that have to do with “Needs” the answer starts out by where the cast of Morning Joke entered life on the hierarchy of needs and where the general public is on the same hierarchy. Shows like Morning Joke, Hanatiy etc. are designed to confuse and mislead those in the bottom four levels of needs for the benefit of those in the upper levels of needs.

If you have read this far you maybe asking, What is the hierarchy of needs? and Why is it important? The answer to the second question is simple and it is that information is being manipulated in order to create fear and manipulate those who are primarily at the bottom four levels of the hierarchy. Perhaps a diagram of the hierarchy will help to illistrate the point along with further discussion.

AFile:Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.svg

As can be seen from the diagram (stolen from Wikipedia) one finds the very basic needs of all human beings labeled here as physiological (physical needs) simply said everybody needs to eat, sleep, and S**t or the basic needs of a baby. There are any number of people in this country who have problems with even meeting these basic physical needs and should the Republicans have their way that number will increase. At this point I would ask every reader of this blog to ask themselves, Where am I on this paramind and how is it effecting my discussions? The second stage or level of needs is that of safety. Everyone wants to be safe. The order of listing does not reflect the priorities of safety shared by everyone for example I would order them like this, body, family, resources, property, morality,employment. Every reader would have a different priority or value judgement (See post on values and ethics). The point is if you are worried about being able to eat (this includes access to water) ,sleep and S**t, safety is a secondary concern as you will jeopardize your safety to obtain the necessities of your physical needs.

The third level of needs is loving and belonging. The human nature is social like many other species and is best stated by another writer “No man is an Island” even the most obnoxious person requires  some social contact.

Now back to the point. There is a difference between wants and needs. There are those in our society and in fact in every society that not only have the resources to meet all their needs and wants with excesses but feel the need to keep others from meeting their physical and safety needs. As long as they can keep the masses in fear of and scrambling to meet those physical and safety needs they have power. It is not until those basic needs are secure that rational thought,examination, and critical thinking start to take place.

My problem is how do I get those who are scrambling to realize that until they start to think in a critical manner they will always be scrambling. This is what allows the few to dominate the masses. Some how it must come to an end and it will not come to an end until the masses stop scrambling. The elites can not exist without the labor and consent of the masses.

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