Values, Ethics, and Morals

I was going to title this post “Values, Ethics, Morals and why Republicans have none” but that would have been incorrect and unfair in that everyone even republicans. Values by definition are basically personal and as the word value implies it is what you as a person value and the order of value you place on your “values” as all values again by definition cannot be equal.

One of the best discussions of the topic that I have found and similar to My training in values can be found here and I would recommend that everyone read this essay : . Here values are defined as “Values can be defined as those things that are important to or valued by someone. That someone can be an individual or, collectively, an organization. ” The reason an understanding of what values are is that Republicans like to throw values around using terms like “Traditional Values” (I do not want to get into a discussion of tradition here but I will say that tradition is dependant on two elements one being time and the other culture.) When the Republicans use this term they what everyone to believe that there is some shared common core of values with the same definition of each and the same priority for each.

So what is it that Republicans value? First and foremost from their actions (actions speak loader than words.) The Republicans value elitism. Second to elitism is greed. Third is accumulated wealth. Fourth is deception. I could go on but will stop here.

Closely related to values is ethics. The document I cited previously one finds this statement on ethics: “TO BEHAVE ETHICALLY IS TO BEHAVE IN A MANNER THAT IS CONSISTENT WITH WHAT IS GENERALLY CONSIDERED TO BE RIGHT OR MORAL. ETHICAL BEHAVIOR IS THE BEDROCK OF MUTUAL TRUST.” Now I will say that Republicans have no ethics or morals for that matter. Most of the Republicans for example have signed a pledge to Grover Norquest which places them in direct conflict with the oath i.e. a pledge that the took when they were elected to public office and their pledge when the ran for office to those they were elected to represent. To place a pledge to some unelected King before the Constitutional oath of office they took shows that they are devoid of ethics. Another prime example of lack of ethics on the part of Republicans was the walk out of Rep. Eric Cantor and Senator John Kyl on the negotiations they entered into with the administration. Negotiations by definition require that both sides give something and act in good faith both of these individuals have failed to do either but have simply demanded that they be given all they desire and give nothing and when they do not receive total capitulation they walk away from the table. Again a total lack of ethics and morals.

All one has to do is read the documents that the Republicans have and are placing into the public domain and compare those documents to their actions one can come to no other conclusion than the Republicans are devoid of ethics and morals. Another example is the statement in the “Ryan Budget” that tax loopholes  would be closed and to date the Republicans have failed to bring forward a single pease of leduslation to close a single loophole and in fact have voted to keep in place subsidies.

As things progress I may revisit this issue in other posts. This is such a complicated subject that to completely deal with it in a single post would cause the reader to abandon the subject altogether and that I hope never to do.

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