Democrats should Primary Obama

I never thought I would say this but I have come to the conclusion that the Democrat party should actively seek an promote a Primary challenger to President Obama. The President has repeatedly rolled over and played fetch for the GOP just like a trained dog.

Now that may sound harsh but what other conclusion can one draw. On every issue of importance to the country the President in an effort to reach a middle ground with those who consider the middle to be I get everything and you get nothingĀ  has not realized that their can be no negotiation.

Take for example the efforts to reach a compromise on the debt ceiling, The President has given and given in what appears to be a complete surrender to Grover Norquest some unelected king of the GOPĀ  while Rep. Eric Cantor and Sen. Kyl have put absolutely nothing on the table and in fact have walked away from the table rather than betray Grover Norquest in violation of their oath of office.

Now it appears that President Obama is prepared to go beagin hat in hand for the privilage of killing Medicare and Social Security rather than tell the Republican to go ahead and let the country default. In other words call their bluff. I have previously asked “Who has Obama’s Balls” it is begaining more and more to appear that he never had them to begain with.

The problems this country is currently facing could have been put behind us had President Obama and the democrat leadership in the House and Senate been less concerned with trying to pacify the GOP mafia and focused on the country. I have called for the resignation of Senator Harry Reid as “Majority” leader simply because he has failed to actually lead and I have come to the conclusion is incapable of leading. I will also call on Rep. Nancy Pelosi to resign as she has been a failure as a leader.

The Republicans have been working for the last 30 plus years on the destruction of the Constitution and this country while the Democrat’s have just stood passively by and watched. It may in fact be to late to stop the complete destruction of this country and the complete servitude of the masses to the like of the Koch brothers, Steve Forbes, and the very elites that we were warned of in Federalist One.

It is to late for President Obama to come out of his slave mentality and grow a set of balls for the sake of the country the Democrat Party needs to find a challenger with a set of stones.

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