Where are the ethics investigations?

It appears that the House has started another investigation of a Democrat, well good. My question is were are the investigations in the Senate into the conduct of Senator Vitter who has admitted to violating the laws of Washington D.C. and I am sure Louisiana his home state, Where is the Investigation into the conduct of Senator Coburn cited by the Senate Ethics committee as potentially engage in criminal conduct while aiding former Senator Ensign. The potential charges could include such things as obstruction of justice. So were are the investigations?

Does the answer lie in the answer put forth recently by Rachal Maddow I.A.R.I.Y.R. (It’s all right if your Republican)? Is this the possible reason that there are no investigation going on in the Senate related to the admitted criminal conduct of Senator Vitter and the potential criminal conduct of Senator Coburn?

While doing some research for an upcoming post on the word used in Republican speak and what they say to people verses what Republicans actually mean i.e. what the Republicans what the people to hear versus what they intend to do. In this case the word is Values, I came across this little nugget of information or it would be more accurate to say this nugget reinforced My military training so here it is. “Norms are the unstated rules, usually informally reached by the members of a group, which govern the behavior of the group’s members. Norms often have a greater effect on what is and isn’t done by the members of a group than formal rules and regulations.” So while there are formal rules in the Senate the question becomes one of what are the NORMS at least when it comes to the Republican Party and the Senators that represent that party. As I said there will be anther post about VALUES and ETHICS coming soon I am just working on the language of that post because as I have said before language is important.

The bottom line is that if the Senate does not conduct investigations into the conduct of these two Senators they can not claim any association with values or ethics and if either of the two Senators involved had any sense of Honor they would resign as they are not the advocates for their constituents they represented themselves to be.

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