Abuse of Power

It appears that once again the FBI has abused it’s power and in the process has harmed innocent people in the process. While I can not say with any certainty that the FBI used it’s power under the Patriot Act in it’s seizure of a rack of servers in Virgina this morning shutting down several blogs, the involvement of the CIA in this raid indicates that the FBI used the Patriot Act for it’s justification. Read the Article here: http://blogs.pcmag.com/securitywatch/2011/06/collateral_damage_fbi_seizes_w.php 

From the article assuming that the facts are correct the FBI could have and should been able to identify the specific server and for that matter the specific hard drives that they were to seize but instead choose to seize an entire rack of servers. This is nothing less than a flat out abuse of power and not only requires an explanation from the Director of the FBI and the Director of the CIA but and inquiry from the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. There are numerous questions that need to be answered for example how is it that the servers of parties that were totally unrelated to the FBI’s investigation come to have their property seized in violation of the Fourth Amendment. I would remind the readers that the Fourth Amendment requires specific identification of the property to be seized and that had the FBI consulted the people who maintained the server rack they could have and should have identified the specific server within the rack that they were authorize to seize.

In this last reauthorization of the attack on the civil rights of Americans called the Patriot Act Senator Sessions claimed that there had been no violations of civil rights by the FBI in years if ever. Senator Sessions is in denial. What is lacking from the Patriot Act is real enforceable sanctions for those who violate the Act not only in it’s letter but it’s spirit. These sanctions should include an specific statement that violation of the terms of the act and it’s limited protections of civil rights is an impeachable offense and in fact requires impeachment of those who would use this “tool” in an unauthorized manner i.e. former President Bush a.k.a. shrub.

This action requires an investigation and answers that need to be provided today and not in several months. Your right as well as mine and those of future generations are on the line. While Senator Sessions is willing to waive My rights I am not and you should not be willing to waive yours. Senator Sessions you have no right or authority to waive any one’s rights but your own.

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