All mouth no substance

I finally had a chance to watch the Republican debate that was held on Monday and what I found was a field of clowns all mouth and no substance. Not a single person with the possible exception of Mr. Cain gave an direct answer to any question asked. The only reason I provide a possible exception for Mr. Cain is the fact that he stated that the “Capital Gains” tax rate should be zero. I would like to know how Mr. Cain defines “Capital Gains” and why he feels that this form of income should be taxed at zero while wages should be taxed to the highest extent possible.

The “Candidates” were consistent in bashing the President but offered nothing in the way of real solutions to real problems. The “Candidates” consistently called for “free market” solutions, I hate to inform everyone there is no “free market” in this country despite the Republican claim that there is.

Totally absent from this debate were the needs and expectation of the people. Never once did I hear the word consumer, although I did repeatedly hear the words business, investor, etc. I heard about the elimination of the EPA, providing corporations the freedom to foul the water, land, and air, but this is good for business regardless of the effects on the lives. Left to it’s own devises business will consistently choose the option that increases the bottom line. This country has just gone through a financial crises greater than the crash of 1929 and the only thing that stopped this country short of another depression was swift action. While I do not agree with way certain actions were implemented and conducted i.e. the Paulson bait and switch for the banks. If the solutions now being proposed by the Republicans would in fact have caused a depression.

I feel that I should also like to point out in the three most recent market crashes i.e. 1929,1987,2009 The Republicans were at the levers of government and in pursuit of “Pro-Business” policies. I would also like to point out that this was not the first bail out of financial institutions and there has now been two in my lifetime. The not so funny thing is that both of them involved a Bush serving as President and prior to there occurrence the Republicans had control of the House and Senate and were “getting the government of the back of business”.

So while the faces have changed the diarrhea of the mouth from the Republicans has not changed in the last 50 years. I would call all the candidates one trick ponies (i.e. cut taxes at the top) but they are in fact two trick ponies and there tricks are cut or eliminate taxes for those born with wealth or those who through good fortune acquire wealth (primarly those born with it i.e. Steve Forbes etc.) and place the jack boot of business at the throat of the worker and public at large.

I am currently in the process of reviewing all the web sites of the canidates looking for real solutions to the real problems that this country face and when I say real solutions I mean something other than the same old failed solutions of the past.

Overall the “debate” provided little in the way of answers, policy, or distinction between the “canidates” they all exposed the same old meaningless mouth. But repeat a lie offten enough you will get someone to belive it. I ask the readers to take the time from their busy lives to review the sites of the canidates and ask the serious questions not only ask the serious questions but demand real answers with specifics not canned responses. As yet all the “canidates” have failed to provide any substance in answer to any question. The devil is in the details and the substance is also in the details so the “candicates” should be providing those details.

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