Congress must take action to remove Rep. Giffords

While I do not relish the idea of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer possibly being able to appoint another Republican Robot to the House it is more repugnant for the people of Rep. Giffords district to be without any representation at all. While I do not know if the Governor can appoint a successor or if a special election under Arizona law the current situation deprives the people of her district of Constitutional Representation.

The House and Senate must institute rules for succession should a member of the House or senate be unable to preform their Constitutional Duties just as their is with the President. To do other wise is to deprive Citizens of their Constitutional rights. The fact is currently it is unknown if Rep. Giffords will ever be able to return and preform the functions of her office. As it stands now the citizens of her district could be deprived or representation until January of 2013, this is an unacceptable situation.

Again this has nothing to do with a desire to have another Republican in the House or any animus against Rep. Giffords but is purely based on the need of her constituents to be represented and under our Constitution I see no other option than the House taking action to remove her from office due to inability to preform the duties of the office.

If anyone out there has a better solution that is Constitutional I am all ears.

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