Observations of today’s events

Today several historical events have occurred. First is the end of Don’t ask Don’t tell. While there are are many on the “Christian Right” who will decry this as immoral and compromising to the security of this country, I cannot recognize this as anything other than a victory of the American promise.

I have lived through and served in the military through the transition from a military dependant upon the draft to an all voluntary force. The full integration of Women into the military. These events like the integration of Blacks into the military were meet with the same resistance.

Is this latest move to fulfill the American dream that All men (women) are created with “unalienable Rights”. This includes the right not only to be the human being that you were created to be but the right to defend those rights.

While I understand that the military is a unique institution requiring discipline more stringent than that which would be required from society at large, that requirement does not and never will justify the demeaning of our Constitution and the sacrifice of the “American Dream”.

My being a “straight male” and having a discomfort with gay males is a personal problem and not a justification for the suppression of the dreams and aspirations of others. All rights are individual but have limits My rights end were another’s rights begin. In other words the free exercise of My rights cannot be at the expense of another’s rights. A complete understanding of the Constitution reveals that the rights of a majority should never come at the expense or by the sacrifice of the rights of a minority.

Also today the Senate is voting on the SALT II treaty while I am writing this they are taking the vote of final passage of the treaty. The question in My mind is would we be here at this point in time if the treaty in question was being voted on under say Regan, or GW Bush?

The treaty just passed 71 yea to 26 nae. This now raises a number of questions. First who were the three Senators who did not feel it was worth their time to vote? Second who were the 26 I assume republicans who voted nae? Again had this treaty been under either of the two previous Presidents mentioned (one of which was never elected) would these individual have cast the same vote?

I’m sure that there were other events of note today that deserve comment and analysis but as I stated on My home page I am not backed by a staff and thus must do My own research and analysis.

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