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The other day June 5 to be specific I found the House Speaker Alert in My e-mail when I came home from work. This “Speaker Alert” had a subject line of “A focus on Jobs”. Now this sounds interesting so lets take a look at just how the Speaker John “It’s My Party” Boehner is focusing on jobs. The “Speaker Alert” can be found here. http://www.speaker.gov/general/republicans-unveil-plan-americas-job-creators . The title of the “Plan to create Jobs” is titled A Plan for America’s Job Creators“. Not a plan for America workers but a plan for “America’s Job Creators”, Can you smell the tax cuts coming?, If you work for wages can you feel the Shaft coming? Ok so what is the Republican plan?

The actual document or  “Plan for America’s Job Creators” can be found here: A Plan for America’s Job Creators . Now this is a real pretty piece of paper lots of pictures and a whole 10 pages of nothing. The document starts out by blaming the Democrats for every ill in the economy, every regulation ever written, every tax that has ever been imposed. So what is the Republican Solution?

First remove every regulation that an employer finds to be burdensome i.e. I mister “Job creator” can not dump my toxic waste into the near by stream, I mister ” Job Creator” must ensure that my meat packing plant is clean and free of vermin. That Rep. Cantor, Rep. Boehner, Rep. Dent is just to burdensome it cost Me mister “Job Creator” to much money to ensure that My products are safe and wholesome I need relief.  So what is the Republican response Remove all regulation and grant the “Job Creator” total freedom to wreak what ever havoc they choose.

The next thing on the Agenda is “Fix the Tax Code to Help Job Creators” So what does this mean? first they want to reduce the STATED (referred to as marginal) tax rate to 25% on “Businesses” and individuals (This means those in the top 1%) which is the rate from the “Bush” tax cuts (same old song just a different tune). Now there could be some merit to this if in fact anyone actually paid the STATED tax rate. What needs to be looked at is the effective tax rate i.e. the rate actually paid by those tax payers they what to provide “relief” to. A simple google search will show that the top 1% pay an effective tax rate of approx. 16.1% that is far from the current “Bush”(shrub) rate of 25% and the current Statutory rate of 35%. In fact the effective rate as has been widely reported for some major Corporations is zero or lower if the get a refund. Now the tax reductions at the top where suppose to create Jobs in 2001 and failed, in 2003 and failed, and the current extension of those rates passed in December of 2010 have also failed. Is anyone seeing a pattern here? Ok so let us continue. To pay for this rate reduction the Republicans state “Congress should eliminate the special interest tax breaks that litter the code” so just which special interest tax breaks will they eliminate? Congress just had the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is with the votes to eliminate the subsidies to the oil companies and every Republican to a man/woman voted to maintain those tax breaks. To date the Republicans in the House where all tax measures must start have failed to produce a single piece of legislation closing a single loophole.

So let us go on with out Me getting into the weeds although that is were we need to go as it has often been said “The devil is in the details” and that is just what the Republicans what you to ignore the details. So I will not go into their distortion about double taxation of overseas profits. I will just say that Corporations are given a dollar for dollar credit for taxes paid in other countries. So if they paid taxes of say a million dollars in say Japan then they get a million dollar credit for those taxes against what ever they may owe in the United States. What they want and the Republicans want to give them is zero taxes. So if the “Job Creators” pay zero taxes who must support the General welfare of the Nation? Answer the worker.

So what is the next step for the Republicans? More one sided trade agreements. These agreement “Will” create jobs according to the Republicans and perhaps they will the question is will they create enough jobs to replace those that are lost? Recent history show that they will not just look at NAFTA while I do not have an exact number  I would speculate that for every job created by NAFTA we lost at least 5. That kind of trade off is unacceptable. Instead of “Free Trade” or policy should be “Fair Trade” in other word reciprocity in trade what ever your tariff rate is on our goods  that is what our tariff rate will be on your goods. If we must engage in joint ventures in order to gain access to your markets they you must engage in the same type of ventures to with us in order to gain access to our markets. If we can only export 70,000 cars to your country then you can only export 70,000 cars to ours not 700,000. But if the Republicans insist on these “Trade Agreements” then they should be recognised and treated for what they are and that is Treaties requiring a two-thirds vote of the Senate to do other wise is a willful violations of Congresses oath of office and a violation of the Constitution. I violating the Constitutions is common practice for Republican despite their rhetoric.

I could go on but feel it is in the interest of the reader for them to read the Republican Document and draw their own conclusions. As for this writer My conclusion is that the Republicans when it comes to “Job Creation” are all mouth and No substance. Verbiage is nice but to take line from an old Burger King commercial “Where’s the BEEF” there is none.


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