Republicans need to stop looking for Jesus

There was only one Jesus and like it or not he was a liberal. So Republicans need to stop looking for Jesus in a political candidate. In fact the policies that most Republicans seek to impose upon the American public and the “Christian” community seek to impose upon the public run in direct contradiction to the teachings of Jesus.

Jesus once said “Render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s and unto God that which is God’s” he did not say render unto God that which is God’s and ask Cesar to return an percentage of that which was rendered unto God. Should one ask the government to return a portion of what they were required to give to God then they are in effect stealing from God because they have not provided God his full measure.

Charity is by definition a moral and Christian Duty and again to demand that government compensate you for the performance of that duty is stealing from God. But that is not the point of this post.

Republicans somehow believe that what they see as flaws in some one’s “moral” charterer prevents them from making decisions based on facts and in the best interest of the country in general. Much of the current dogma of the Republicans and “Christian” Right has no bases in actual scripture and in fact violates the very scriptures in which they profess to believe.

While you may not share the particular beliefs you have no right to impose them upon others and to do so is contrary to the teachings of Jesus himself. Someone must come to acceptance of their own volition and not out of compulsion.

There is a reason that the Constitution States that there shall be no religious test to hold office in this country. While at this point in time the “Evangelical” Christians i.e. Baptist perhaps it would be en lighting for the “Evangelicals” to go back and read the letter from the Baptist to then President Thomas Jefferson and his response as well as Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Muslims.

Any way so long as the Republicans keep looking for that single Davine individual i.e. Jesus as a political candidate for any office they will be nothing but frustrated and angry and do nothing but harm to this country.

The simple fact is Republicans will never find Jesus in the form of a candidate either in the Religious realm or the economic realm.

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