Where are the Jobs?

During the 2010 election cycle the Republicans ran on job creation. They claimed that they were going to focus on job creation and nothing else. To date they have done anything but focus on jobs. What have the Republicans focused on? Maintaining tax reductions for the top 1% increasing the deficit by 980 billion, passing a plan to kill the elderly, disabled, and poor of the country (i.e. Ryan “The Emperor” budget) and drive the country into default all in pursuit of some “Conservative” Theology. Talk about a cult the Republican party is just that a cult.

There has yet to be a single piece of legislation designed to increase employment in this country. There has yet to be a single piece of legislation to address unfair trade practices. While exposing “Free Trade” the Republicans have been pursuing policies that promote Monopoly. The focus should be not “Free Trade” but “Fair Trade”, Republicans keep perpetuating the myth of  free markets knowing full well that there is no such thing. So back to the central question “Where are the Jobs” Rep. John “It’s My Party” Boehner, Rep. Paul “Emperor” Ryan, Rep. David “Show Me the Money” Camp, and you Rep. Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent. It is time for the Bull Shit to end and start doing your jobs and serve the American People. It is time to stop kissing the ring of King Grover Norquest and start serving the People. In fact it is time for the majority of you to resign. Again I ask Where are the Jobs?

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