GOP Kabuki Theatre

Yesterday after the “Markets” closed Rep. David “Show Me the Money” Camp (R-Mi), with the full support of Speaker John “I’m not afraid to Cry” Boehner (R-Oh) along with the remaining republican majority in the House that includes my favorite Rep. Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent (R-Pa). Engaged in a act of Kabuki Theatre, Now the House Republican know full well that they to a man/woman voted to increase the deficit by $5 trillion dollars over the next 10 years i.e. the budget window and that to even accommodate their “Path to Prosperity” the debt limit must be increased. The only real question is how will this increase be allocated. Will it go to tax reductions as it has every time the Republicans have had power while reducing the public services to the majority of the country? Or will it be allocated to those public services that government has a responsibility to perform i.e. bridge construction, emergency assistance to citizens etc.. Well the Republican Majority has been telling us from the start that the average person does not even enter into any equation that they consider. After all at least according to the Republicans their is no problem that can not be solved by taxing the top at zero percent and taxing labor into peonage. This is rewarding “investment and savings” and punishing labor for not being born of wealth.

The Republicans i.e. Rep. Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent, David “Show Me the Money” Camp (actually perhaps that should be give me the money camp.) and I could go on but that would be redundant.  Any way the keep citing “Job Creators” but have never defined what is a job creator. The simple fact that engaging in stock transactions other than to a limited extent IPO’s doe not create jobs, Managing Hedge funds does not create jobs, purchasing tax free interest government bonds does not create jobs, in fact most of the benefits for those singled out for tax reductions are in fact not “Job Creators” but “Rent Seekers”. I do not want to get bogged down into the difference between the two so for those who want to understand the difference google it.(Perhaps I will explain the difference latter or some economics major will be so kind).

So to the bottom line The Democrats should walk away from the table and let the Republicans including Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent and let the Republicans push the envelope. Blackmail or leverage only works when the other party submits. If the Republicans really want to default on our debt in order to kill the elderly, disabled and poor so that they can finance tax reductions and kiss the Ring of King Norquest, I say let them.

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