Republican Con Jobs.

The Senate held at least three votes the other day on at least three Republican budgets, none of which were passed. There was first the Ryan(R-Wi) kill the elderly, disabled and poor budget, Then there was the Rand Paul (R-Ky) kill the elderly, disabled and poor budget and finally there was the Pat Toomey (R-Pa) kill the elderly, disabled and poor budget. Is anyone noticing a pattern here? The pure and simple fact is Republicans want to kill the elderly, disabled and the poor in order to not only preserve tax expenditures for the elites but to increase them.

Everyone of these budget proposals not only had the elimination of Medicare at there core but the block granting of Medicaid. Not only did everyone of these budget proposals state that the deficit increases caused by the  Bush (a.k.a. Shrub) tax reductions of 2001 and 2003 were to be disregarded. But these deficits were to be increased by making them permanent and making even deeper reductions.

In the Rand Paul (R-Ky) I found this to be interesting when it came to Social Security as Senator Paul in his states it is the policy of Congress in his budget to reduce Social Security benefits by “(A) Progressive price indexing using a formula including wage and price indexing; (Senator Paul does not provide a definition of “Progressive price indexing” but the only possible translation is reducing benefits by changing the benefit formula). (B)Life expectancy and longevity indexing; (again no explanation) and (C) A gradual increase in retirement age. (Translation you work longer, pay more in get less out, and with any luck you die before you collect a cent and the money you paid in can finance tax reductions to the moneyed elites.)

Next Senator Paul’s budget states in Sec. 502 “Policy Statement on Medicare (2) that-

(A) includes free-market based health care;(you must purchase health care from insurance companies at their dictated prices with their dictated benefits. Paying for their overhead including profits which go to shareholders, Million Dollar salaries and multi-million dollar bonuses. Someone explain to Me how this is suppose to save the elderly money please.)

(B) Removes all mandates or laws require the purchase of health insurance; (Now I am not aware of any mandate or law that those on Medicare are required to purchase any form of health care unless you count the premiums paid by Medicare recipients. Is Senator Paul proposing that those premiums be eliminated?)

(C) promotes individual and family based plans;(again I’m not sure what Senator Paul has in mind here as all Medicare is individual, Is he perhaps proposing that the cost of Medicare be shifted to the children of the elderly?) and(D) encourages interstate competition. (now for those not on Medicare that may make some sense. But I do not see anything that makes any changes to the employer based health insurance where the consumer has only the chooses offered by the employer who is looking out for their bottom line and not the needs of the employee.).

These three budgets are nothing more than Republican Con Jobs aimed at the destruction of Medicare in the short run and the elimination of Social Security in the long run. The goal is to use payroll taxes to  finance the tax reductions for the sit on your ass class.

Basically the three plans are the same. There may be minor differences in the wording but it looks like all three plans where written by the same person or group of people, perhaps the Heritage Foundation or their Savior and King Grover Norquest.

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