The currently corrupt Supreme Court May have gotten one right.

In a decision today “Chamber of Commerce of United States of America v. Whiting” the court may have gotten it right for once. This case involve the ability of the state to revoke the business license of  any company who hires and illegal (Yes I will use the word Illegal as in-In violation of the law.) aliens. And the court today said that  they in fact can do just that.

It is common knowledge that our laws prohibiting the hiring of illegals in this country is ignored by employers and that the Federal government does not and in fact has no desire to enforce the law. The Reagan immigration reform was nothing but a give away to the U.S. Chamber of Commerces and imposed such thing on the American public as Social Security numbers at birth it was structured in such a way as to be unenforceable and Reagan had no intention that it ever be enforced.

Today for once the Supreme Court came down on the side of the people and the Constitution at least in this one disision. The courts opinion can be found here(

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