Republican Senators escape again.

Once again Harry Reid (D-Nv) has allowed the Republicans in the Senate to escape. According to the coverage of Senate proceedings today among other things the Senate was suppose to have a vote on the Ryan (R-Wi) budget which was recently passed by the Republican controlled House of Representatives (Who they represent is still up in the air). The things in the Ryan kill the elderly, screw the middle class and poor budget is so toxic that the Republicans in the Senate will do most anything to avoid a vote on it and Harry Reid the incompetent Leader of the Democrat Majority has let the Republicans escape once again.

While I am not particularly fond of the Republican policies I will say this for them their leadership has been able for the last 10 years to get them to goose step right along like the good little ….(word left out for political correctness) they are.

Why is it that Harry Reid is afraid to use the same tactics and procedures against the Republicans that were used against them you do not bring a cap pistol to a gun fight, but that is exactly what Harry Reid has done and continues to do. It does not matter what the issue be it Judaical appointments (Am I the only one that remembers the Republican “Nuclear Option”), the funding of planned parent hood, or the current Ryan (R-Wi) kill the elderly, disabled, and poor budget Harry Reid has demonstrated that he does not have the stomach or the balls necessary to lead.

Harry you should resign at least as Senate Majority Leader, You may have the right to represent the state of Nevada but not the right to represent the Democrats of the nation. You have forfeited that right by your lack of leadership, lack of vision, and lack of balls. Leadership is just that leadership it cannot be indouged it must be demonstrated and you have not demonstrated leadership.

Once again Harry Reid has allowed the Republicans in the Senate to escape.

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