Rep. Charlie “The Coackroach” Dent (R-Pa) tells lies in telephonic town hall

While I was in the process of writing another post to this blog I recieved a call from the office of Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent (R-Pa) inviting Me to participate in another of his famous telephonic town halls (for some reason he has a problem doing this in person. Perhaps video or selectivity is the problem). In any case I was on the phone with Charlie “The Cockroach” for more than for 45 min. to an hour before I was disconnected during this time I was patiently waiting to ask My questions (Prescreened of course. Perhaps the reason for the sudden disconnection) when I was suddenly disconnected. During this entire period I did not hear a single element of truth come from the mouth of Charlie “The Cockroach”.

Charlie “The Cockroach” during this telephonic town hall not only did not address the full impact of the proposed Medicare/MedicaidChanges and in fact continued to claim that the changes would have zero impact on those currently on Medicare. Charlie “The Cockroach” continued to push the line that the only way to solve the current budget problem is to attack the elderly, disabled, and the poor. While I was not able to record the town hall (I’m sure that was the intent of Charlie “The Cockroach”) I was able to take away from his answers that he is unconcerned about the impact of those outside of Chamber of Commerce, and his well healed donors.

Charlie “The Cockroach” continued his practice of oviscation, half truths and out right lies. Through out the Telephonic Town Hall and it is the opinion of this writer the Charlie “The Cockroach” should resign as he is unfit to serve.

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