King Norquest and his Republican minions

Every Member of the House and Senate as well as the Executive branch, Judicial branch of our government and ever member of our Military take an oath to “Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and Domestic”. Now now where in that oath do I see any mention of kissing the ring of Grover Norquest. Where in the Constitution does it give Grover Norquest the power to veto tax legislation?

I have a fundamental question and it is. What gives this one individual the power to dictate tax policy in the United States? What makes a pledge to this individual more sacred to a “Conservative/Republican” than his/her oath of office?

I realise that I am not in the inner circle of the elites of this country but I can read. I was under the impression that this country and it’s citizens rejected Kings, queens, and princes long ago in fact if I remember correctly it is even in the Constitution. Yet somehow we now have King Norquest who can define what is a tax increase, what is acceptable in budget reform etc..

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va) who is now negotiating the raising of the debt limit, something that is an artificial limitation imposed by the Republicans has taken anything that raises revenue off the table. King Norquest defines closing a loophole that allows some individual or corporation to excape taxes on income they would ordinary pay on that income absent the loophole a tax increase. Any “Tax Increase” as defined by King Norquest is a violation of their oath to King Norquest.

Again I ask the question when did we change from a Constitutional Republic to a Monarchy and appoint Grover Norquest King? Not even Grover Norquest could have that much money and if he does then perhaps we should make him finance the government.

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