Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa) has incompatant Staff.

As I was watching Senator Pat Toomey on C-Span 2 his statements raised several questions in my mind and I wanted to insure that I was correctly understanding his statements. Me being the uneducated Red Neck that I am called the Senators office where my call was answered by a young lady by the name of ally (or at least that was the name provided).

I informed Ally that I was watching Senator Toomey  television and wanted to ensure that I understood what the Senator correctly and that what he was saying was an accurate reflection of his positions.

the first question related to Medicare and what I heard was that the changes in Medicare did not matter because the did not take place within the current 10 year budget window. If Senator Toomey believes and it is his position that the proposed changes to Medicare will have no impact on current recipients shows that Senator Toomey lacks a basic understanding of economics and cause and effect. Next I asked about the statements made by Senator Toomey related to the proposal to “Block Grant” Medicaid and it’s effects on those currently on Medicare/Medicaid. While Senator Toomey suggest nothing but positive effects from these proposals I know from personal experience and research that this is not the case and the supposed positive effects may never materials.

Next where questions related to the fact of how we came to be in our¬† current position as they related to statements being made by Senator Toomey on the floor of the Senate. Again answers were not forth coming. We the tax payers it appears not only to pay for incompetent Senators (at one time an incopantant congressman from My district) but incompetent staff. Now it could be possible that the Senator does not share his positions with his staff and if so further supports the proposition that the Senator is incompetent or the staff it’s self is incompetent. In either case it is a waste of tax payer dollars. While nothing can be done about the incompetence of Senator Toomey for the Next five years Senator Toomey could save the tax payers dollars by at a minimum of hiring a competent staff and eliminate those who are their only out of patronage.

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