Harry Reid should be removed as Majority Leader.

Democrats in the Senate should remove Harry Reid (D-Nv) as the Majority Leader of the Senate. Harry Reid has been an ineffective leader of the Senate sense the Democrats took majority control of the Senate. But today I personally have reached the final straw with Senator Reid. This incompetent leader has been blocking a free and open debate on the Patriot Act. This piece of Republican legislation has basically gutted the fourth amendment to the Constitution an Senator Reid’s support for the Patriot Act along with every other Senator who supports the Patriot Act in it’s current form violate their oath of office and are unfit to serve in that great body called the Senate.

It is a fundimital principal that the Constitution can not be changed by simple leduslation but that is exactly what the Partiot Act does. I called the Senators office asking why the Senator as Majority Leader was blocking a free and open debate on the issues involved in the Patriot Act  I was confronted with hostility and hung up on.

While Sharron Angle was the wrong candidate to replace Harry Reid in the Senate it is disappointing that the Democrats did not put up a candidate to replace this ineffective “Leader”. Harry Reid has allowed himself to be outmaneuvered by the Republican Minority on more than one occasion. This “Leader” has placed Senators who constantly undermine the objectives of the Democrat party and the people of this nation in positions that allow the Republicans to control the agenda and in fact to support and further the Republican agenda i.e. Max Baucus who was in charge of the Health care legislation and under cut the goals of that legislation.

Readers of this blog know that I am not generally in support to the “Conservative/Republican” agenda because I believe that the “Conservatives/Republicans” are opposed to the Constitution on a fundamental level and are attempting to create some sort of Corporate/Theological State.

It is time for the Democrats in the Senate to do themselves a favor and remove this worthless Senator from Leadership of the Senate and replace him with someone with a strong sense of purpose and a strong commitment to the Constitution.

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