Republicans promote the expansion of poverty.

The Republicans in Congress both the House and Senate are promoting the expansion of poverty in the United States using the Ryan budget as their vehicle. The Ryan (R-Wi) budget and advanced by every Republican member of the House with the exception of four Republican members is a direct attack on those who are already living in poverty or do not meet a Self-Sufficiency Standard in jeopardy of going into object poverty or slipping in to poverty.

The current definition of poverty is an ideologically ultra conservative one “It conceptualizes poverty only in terms of having an extremely low level of annual income, and utilizes poverty thresholds that are adjusted only for inflation rather than for changes in overall living standards.” ( This is not an appropriate measure of poverty but even this extreme definition is to generous for Rep. Ryan and his Republican cohorts. It is only through increasing the poverty rate among those who are on the verge of slipping into poverty and increasing the economic Deprivation of those already in poverty that Rep. Ryan and his cohorts can continue to provide unprecedented tax reductions and tax free income to the economic elites in this country and even hope to reduce the national debt and they can not even do that in less than 70 years.

Rep. Ryan’s budget is nothing less than a continuation of a 30 plus year long campaign on the part of the “Conservative Movement” to increase the power of the elites in this country and destroy our Constitution.

Through the years the Republicans (Conservatives) while claiming a desire to provide a leg up for those in poverty have advocated and implemented policies designed to keep those in poverty there and to increase their numbers, For a person or family to extract themselves from poverty they must be allowed to accumulate the mean by which to do so. Today Republican policies are designed to prevent and penalize those in poverty from gaining those resources necessary for a self-sufficient standard. For example if you are in poverty and have a 20 year old auto that costs you hundreds to maintain you are able to have some meager assistance, should that person purchase an auto that is only 10 years old and costs less to maintain they will loose any assistance that they maybe receiving. (These policies is one of the reasons I consider the Cash for Clunkers program a failure). Should a family that is receiving food stamps manage to save $10.00 current Republican policy requires a $20.00 reduction in the families food stamp benefit, this is not a leg up out of poverty but a boot at the families throat insuring that they remain in poverty.

The Ryan/Republican/Conservative budget attacks every element in our current system that provides any assistance and destroys any hope of those in poverty from ever getting out and stay within the laws of this country. This is not an accident or unintended consequence of the Ryan plan but is in fact part of the 30 plus year Republican effort to create a permanent under class.

The bottom line is Republicans and Rep. Paul Ryan in particular are in fact promoting the expansion of poverty in the United States for the benifit of the economic eli


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