Everything starts with repeal

Charlies Krauthammer on January 21, 2011 authored an opinion in the Washington Post with the same title as this post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/story/2011/01/20/ST2011012003927.html?sid=ST2011012003927). Well the House Republican did repeal the health care bill. Mr. Krauthammer further stated “This does not absolve the Republicans from producing a health-care replacement. They will and should be judged by how well their alternative addresses the needs of the uninsured and the anxieties of the currently insured.” But that is precisely the problem Republicans voted to repeal a law that they and Mr. Krauthammer did not like and that was in January. It is now May soon to be June and the House Republicans have as yet failed to even start on any sort of alternative.

I have yet to hear any out cry from Mr. Krauthammer about the failure of the Republicans in the house to put fourth any alternative but why should he take the Republican in the House to task for their failure after all Mr. Krauthammer is one of the privileged Elites and has little or no concern for anyone but himself, and has in fact absolved the Republicans in the house from producing a health care alternative despite his admonishment to the contrary. But being born of privilege and having his position because of patronage and not of any specific knowledge or expertise carries the water of the privilege few.

Mr. Krauthammer likes to talk about smoke and mirrors and phony numbers while at the same time, promoting those very actions on behalf of the “Conservatives”. Where was Mr. Krauthammer when G.W. Bush (Shrub) decided to provide tax reductions to elites like him instead of using the surplus to pay down the national debt, now the subject of debate and soon to be the source of a national crises caused by the Republican with the soul purpose of increasing the power of the Elites like Mr. Krauthammer himself.

Mr. Krauthammer is more than willing to destroy the middle class in this country, increase the poverty rate in this country and watch the elderly and disabled die. Policies very similar to those in a specific era in Germany. While allowing and in fact supporting with the help of Brit Hume, Bill Kristal allowing Israel to dictate our foreign policy and engaging in a proxy war in Iraq on behalf of Israel. Yet saying so will bring cries of  anti-semitism.

I for one have had enough of the elites like Mr. Krauthammer that feel they have the right to feed off the workers in this country and extract from their labor the resource that provide the service they consume from government i.e. police services, roads, air-ports etc. with the expectation of paying nothing like Noble’s and begrudging any quality of life to those who in fact provide those resources.

Mr. Krauthammer complains that the CBO must analyse bills using the assumptions provided to them in the case of the Health care bill but does not offer the same criticism for the Ryan plan. At least in the Health Care bill the basis for the CBO analysis was their in clear view for everyone to see, The same cannot be said for the Ryan plan to date Rep. Ryan and his staff have failed to provide that information to the minority side of the budget committee and the public as promised in the markup hearings.

The bottom line is Mr. Krauthammer has zero credibility outside his circle of elites, and as I stated in an earlier post the Republican want to repeal and have no intention of replacing the current health care plan with one of their own. We have seen this trick before when the Clintons attempted to solve this same problem the Republicans claimed to have a better solution which never materialised. I say it is time for Mr. Krauthammer and his elite friends to put up or shut up.

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