“I’m Republican because not everyone can be on welfare”

My partner’s health care assistant was looking through tee shirts and came across one with this on it. “I’M REPUBLICAN BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE CAN BE ON WELFARE”  At first glance it seems funny in it’s implications i.e. only Democrats receive benefits from welfare. The simple fact of the matter is that the majority of welfare spending in this country goes to those who constantly vote Republican.

So what is welfare? Welfare includes subsides i.e. oil companies, farmers, tax deductions for contributions., vouchers, direct cash, etc.. The myth that all welfare payments in this country go to poor Democrats or even individuals is just that a Myth. There are welfare recipients even in the houses of congress i.e. Charles Grassley (R-IA) who receives some where in the neighborhood of $2 million a year in subsidie payments. Stated another way Senator Grassley receives $2 million a year in “welfare”.

The Republicans were successful in acting “welfare” to those who need the assistance but have sense done nothing but expand “welfare” to those for whom need is not an issue. The record can not be disputed not a day ago the Republicans voted to continue the extension of “welfare” to the oil companies calling the elimination of that “welfare” a tax increase.

Republican selectivity when it comes to who should receive government support and who should not does not revolve around need but revolves around who has enough money to purchase their vote in congress. This Republican corruption has now expanded beyond the two houses of congress to the Supreme Court who has the ultimate responsibility to protect and defend our Constitution.

Should Republicans really want to end the welfare state then they need to start with the welfare payments going to Senator Grassley and major corporations.

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