Charlie Dent (R-Pa 15) Engaging in Extorition again.

Charlie Dent (R-Pa) having used our soldiers as an instrument of extortion last month is now using the debt ceiling as yet another opportunity for extortion. Again the target of Charlie Dent’s extortion is the elderly, the disabled, and the poor.

Who are the beneficiaries of this extortion? Of course the beneficiaries are the Koch Brothers, the oil monopolies, Gorver Norquest and the elites. At a time when we are telling the youth of our country that they must educate yourselves Charlie Dent wants steep cuts in education. At a time when workers can not afford to pay for the gas to commute to work good ole Charlie wants to keep taking money from the pockets of workers to provide subsidies for oil companies. Charlie along with his Republican cohorts is demanding cuts in Social Security benefits, Medicare Benefits, and Medicaid after all according to Charlie we have a spending problem. Never mind that Charlie has engaged in the transfer of Social Security surpluses to the top 1% of this country. Never mind that Charlie voted for tax cuts that were never paid for. Never mind that Charlie never demanded that the cost of Bush’s wars be paid for and instead were financed not only off budget thought “emergency” spending but through borrowing, thus increasing the deficit. Charlie Dent is not the solution to the problem and has no interest solving the problem. Charlie Dent and his cohorts are the problem.

Charlie Dent proclaims that taxes are of the table never mind that there are millions of dollars in income that go untaxed at any level and the recipients of the majority of this income are the top 1% of this country the problem is revenue not spending. Charlie Dent is in violation of his oath of office and should resign. Charlie Dent has repeatedly proven himself to be corrupt answering to the likes of Grover Norquest (Who is not a constituent i.e. does not live within the 15th district of Pa.). As I have said repeatedly Charlie Dent is corrupt and lacks even a basic understanding of the Constitution. Charlie believes it is his responsibility to represent the interests of a few 100 people most of whom can not even vote for him at the expense of the more than 200,000 who he is suppose to represent.

The time has come for Dent to resign. As was stated in the old Star Kissed commersial “SORRY CHARLIE” just like Charlie the tuna did not meet the standards of Star Kissed, Charlie Dent does not meet the standards of the 15th Congressional District of Pa..

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