It’s Time for Rep. Ryan (R-Wi) to put up or shut up

Today during My normal course of reading and study I came across this statement from Rep. Ryan (R-Wi) “For every dollar the President wants to raise the debt ceiling, we can show him plenty of ways to cut far more than a dollar of spending,”. Now this peaked my attention so I called the budget committee’s office requesting specifics on these “plenty of ways to cut far more than a dollar of spending”. The staffer Alix with whom I spoke was unable to identify any specific cuts and seemed to be completly unaware of Rep. Ryan’s remarks. When I mentioned that I was preparing to blog about Rep. Ryan’s remarks I was told that I was to be deverted to the commettees communications staff voice mail as the staff was not in their office at 9:16 in the morning. Now that raised even more questions in My mind like Why is it that staff paid for with tax payer dollars are not at work at 9:16 in the morning? Maybe one of those plenty of ways to cut spending is to eliminate staff who can not show up for work at 9:00 in the morning, although I doubt that is what Rep. Ryan has in mind.

The privious statement is not the only one that raise serious questions not only about Rep. Ryan’s integrity but his understanding of the world at large. For example Rep. Ryan made this statement “Our budget makes no changes for those in or near retirement,” while that is not the entire statement it is the most relvant part. Rep. Ryan’s budget doe make changes for those in or near retirement.  Rep. Ryan’s attempt to block grant medicaid will fource changes for the elderly and disabled who are on medicare these individuals are know as dual elegabes. What does that mean well dual elegabels are those who even with Social Security and Medicare they are still below the poverty line or their medical expenses as so high they could and would die without medicaid, but then maybe that is exactly what Rep. Ryan has in mind allowing those individuals to die.

Ok so back to the point Rep. Ryan it is time for you to put up or shut up. By that I mean this, it is time for you to identify the specific cuts that you have in mind, it is time for you to identify your “proven solutions and where and by whom were they “proven””, it is time for you to identify your “budget experts”  that have stated your plan will safe and stringthen Medicare. To date Rep. Ryan you have failed to provide the public the basic assumptions that your “plan to prosperty” are based on where you got your projections from, in other words the information that any individual would need to do an objective evaluation of your plan. While I realize that Republicans in the House have appointed you Emporer, I and many of My fellow American have not. Rep. Ryan you and your corupt cohorts are playing a dangerious game not only with the future of this country but with the lives of many of the elderly, disabled and poor. You sir may in the very near future be directly responsable for the death of hunderds of your fellow citizens but then again that maybe your intent.

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