Senator Coburn (R-Ok) May have commited crimes.

I have been reading over the Senate Ethics Committee report on former Senator John Ensing and it appears that Senator Coburn (R-Ok) may be guilty of at least two federal crimes. The first of these crimes is aiding and abetting and the second is conspiracy. Now according to the report “3. Evidence of Aiding and Abetting aiding and abetting is a criminal standard under which any person who aids, abets,counsels, commands, induces or procures the commission of a crime is as culpable and punishable as one who commits the crime himself.The standard has three elements: (1) the principal committed a crime; (2) the abettor knowingly associated with the principal; and (3) the abettor participated in the principal s crime with the intent to help it succeed.33 T]he law is well settled that one may be found guilty of aiding and abetting another individual in his violation of a statute that the aider and abettor could not be charged personally with violating34 An individual knowingly associates with a principal where the individual shares in the principal s essential criminal intent 35 Aiding and abetting requires more than mere presence;36 ¬†the defendant must have taken affirmative conduct designed to aid the venture, 37 or which at least encourages the principal offender to commit the offense.38,29” based on the description of Senator Coburns activities contained in the Ethics Committee Report¬† his actions clearly meet the requirements for indictment under the law. I will not go into detail as to the requirement for conspiracy but needless to say there is once again more than enough evidence for an indictment. The only question is will the Ethics Committee take action against Senator Coburn and will the Department of Justice examine the evidence and indite Senator Coburn.

At the very least Senator Coburn having been shown to be corrupt should resign and spare the Ethics Committee the time and expense of an investigation.

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