David Camp (R-Mi 4) Engages in another Republican fraud

Today Republican David Camp or Michigan’s 4 th district and chairman of the House Ways And Means Committee engaged in yet another Republican fraud on the public. Under the guise of holding hearings trotted out his hand selected witnesses to advocate for the elimination of Corporate income taxes.

These hearings first came to My attention three days ago when I was reviewing the Ways and Means Committee web site http://waysandmeans.house.gov/¬†looking for the legislation closing all the tax loop holes that the Republicans are taking credit for. There I came across the announcement of the hearings scheduled for today related to the corporate tax structure. Taking a close look at the announcement I came across a statement the stated all the witnesses were to be by invitation. Now Me being just a poor old country boy the first question that came to My mind was well who is Representative Camp inviting to testify and just how were these witnesses being selected i.e. The smell of skunk was all over this. So I called the committee’s offices and could asking several questions like who is being invited to testify?, How are these witnesses being selected? where is the witness list?(so I could look at their bios, who the work for, in other words evaluate their credibility) and no answers were forthcoming. So I called Representative Camp’s office and asked the same questions and was referred to Representative Camp’s communications director or at least that was who I was told who she was. By the way her name was Megen and can be reached at 1-989-631-2552. Megen asked Me to hold off posting the lack of information and transparency and provide her a chance to collect the information I was requesting. As of this post and after the hearings I have still not heard from Representative Camp’s “Communications Director” but then I expected nothing less as Representative Camp was not interested in getting facts but simply promoting the agenda he has been bribed to promote.

While vidio of the hearing has yet to be posted on the Ways and Means Committe web site the testmony of Representive Camp’s hand picked witnesses can be found here http://waysandmeans.house.gov/Calendar/EventSingle.aspx?EventID=239968. But to boil it all down the testimony comes down to this Corporation should not be taxed and do not receive enough tax payer subsidies. In other words don’t tax Me tax that guy behind the tree. The Republican idea of tax reform is to tax the hell out of wages, zero out the taxes on corporations, zero out the taxes on stock transactions (Called capital gains), zero out the taxes on dividend, and zero out taxes on interest. The theory is that a few crumbs will be swept of the table over which the rest of us can scramble to collect.

This was nothing more than a Fraud on the part of Representative Camp which he will us to justify raising taxes on wage earners (a.k.a. broaden the tax base) while providing even lower tax rates to the top and corporations until they have an effective rate of zero percent.

Representative Camp is nothing more than another bought and paid for fraud.

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