H.R. 3 Translation

As I write this the Republicans are on the floor attempting or should I say passing H.R. 3 A Bill to “To prohibit taxpayer funded abortions and to provide for conscience protections, and for other purposes.” at least that is what the title says. So what does this bill truly do? well lets take a look, you can find the bill here: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-112hr3rh/pdf/BILLS-112hr3rh.pdf .

So what does this bill do? well for one thing right now if you have health insurance through the military your costs will be out of pocket. The specific provision states. “§ 302. Prohibition on funding for health benefits plans that cover abortion ‘‘None of the funds authorized or appropriated by Federal law, and none of the funds in any trust fund to which funds are authorized or appropriated by Federal law, shall be expended for health benefits coverage that includes coverage of abortion.” This is for no other reason than to promote a Theocracy.

If you receive your health care through an employer sponsored plan your costs will increase. Most employer sponsored plans allow you to pay your portion using pre-tax dollars (referred to in the tax code as a tax expenditure because the taxes are never collected) you will no longer be able to have abortion coverage in the plan. Or you will pay taxes on that portion that provides that coverage.

Section 304 Again if you are in the military or say a Veteran or use some other Federal Facility or the doctors. You will no longer be able to receive services. 

This is nothing short of a direct attack on every woman in the country and a direct assault on their Constitutional Rights.

As I said at the start of this post I am watching the debate and vote on H.R. 3 while writing this. What I find ironic is after just voting to turn female members of the military and the wives and daughters of the military the Republicans called for a moment of silence to honor or military. The Republicans have no shame. 


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